Chelsea, Cooweescoowee District

Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory

Established 1889

We, the Chelsea Area Historical Society, serve in the spirit of our Native American beginning. In fulfilling our mission, we promote the awareness of our local history, working to preserve historic records, artifacts and sites, while providing facilities for exhibition, development of arts and craft and conduct of research.

Chelsea Area Historical Society News, Events and Updates

Patrick D. Henry

Patrick Henry was born 28 March 1835 in Henrysville Alabama to Hugh Jr. and Ann Claunch Henry. Ann was ¼ Cherokee Indian. Patrick’s father Hugh Jr. was Patrick Henry born 1796 in Henry’s Crossroad, Sevier County, Tennessee to Major Hugh and Mary Long- Henry.

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New Chelsea OK Historical Map Section

New Chelsea OK Historical Map Section A new visual historical map section has been added under “Driving Tour” in the website menu. Follow the maps from 1898 to 1914 to see how fast Chelsea grew in the early years. Click or Tap HERE: Driving... read more

When the Automobile Came to Chelsea OK

When the Automobile Came to Chelsea OK You might be from Chelsea, Oklahoma if….. Marilyn Victory-White Early Garage Followed Livery Stable This is a picture of one of Chelsea’s first garages and automobile mechanics, Fred K. Martin, Center. The garage was... read more

Historical Photo Gallery

Take a visual tour of the Chelsea Area’s most prolific historical sites.

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Historic Route 66

Everyone has heard of Route 66. The Chelsea Area Historical Society has compiled some familar and not so familar landmarks for you to explore in your travels.

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The Bank of Chelsea was founded in 1896…

Route 66

Historic Route 66 is a big part of Chelsea’s history…

Photo Gallery

See some of our most iconic historical sites in…

Cherokee Nation

Explore our Native American heritage…

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